About Us


What We Do...

As a game development studio located at the base of Pikes Peak and The Garden of the Gods, we use nature's inspiration to develop  the most dumbest fun games you can possibly imagine using an electronic device short of electroshock therapy!

Our Story

Upon the threshold of death, Larry the horse was brought to the Stick-E-Stuff glue factory to be euthanized. Fortunately, that day, Dr. Gimp Pimple was on duty where he would regularly perform his experiments. Dr. Gimp Pimple did a routine horse scan only to find in his total amazement that Larry had a second brain in his ass! Realizing the potential of such a horse Dr. Gimp Pimple implanted many cybernetic interface devices, bridging the two brains as one. He also injected Larry with Stem cells, and a red bull cappuccino enema. This made Larry immortal. Due to Larry's duel brain capacity he has a strong desire to program video games using a hoof to keyboard interface. Larry is very happy and likes to giggle....a lot!

Meet the Team


Randell Trulson

Founder & CEO

After years of unsuccessfully applying his PhD in dinosaur husbandry, Randell decided to take his vast knowledge of reptilian DNA and apply it to a new degree in Computer Science.  Thus sparking the development of the Cortex Game Engine from which all of our technology is based.

His hobbies include making beer, drinking beer, having people over for beer, asking people to come over and bring beer, and sipping an occasional wine when there is no beer.


Cathy Trulson

Vice President

After four failed attempts of adoption of feral children, Cathy decided to focus what she learned towards a degree in Computer Science with a minor in not having children.

Her hobbies include intense close-up Cockatiel grooming, telling others how to raise their offspring, babysitting Randell when he has a beer and drinking lots of wine to tolerate Randell as well as the Cockatiels.


Troels Pleimert

Composer and Music God

With an advanced degree in ichthyology that nearly rendered him homeless, Troels started and continues to broadcast the Space Quest Historian Podcast and is a co-host for the Back Seat Designers Podcast.  Troels is our Sound FX Engineer and Composer.

His hobbies include freeing multitudes of gerbals throughout his house and then collecting them all with a backpack model suc-u-hard vacuum cleaner. "He holds the world record for the most gerbals collected in the least amount of time."


Michael Gilardino

Marketing, marketing...

Michael has worked for several software companies.  He has a degree in Social Science (worthless) and has experience in Quality Assurance testing (Pfft! Quality?!).  He also has an advanced degree in mucous secretions, which is very handy in the gaming industry.

His hobbies include running a fruit bat nursery where he cares for and generously feeds the baby bats from the milk of his very own breasts. They call him "mama".