Asset Modeling and Hell

Natas is burning my soul! (if I had one)

Hey everybody! As promised, here is another blog for this week. I made sure it has some real content. Don’t want you to think I’m placating you on material 🙂

You know when you wish for something for a super long time, like say a new sports car, only to find out that it sucks your money away in fuel… Well Natas has a bad side too. I nick-named it Satan’s easy bake over, only to discover how true it was.

Burning with the heat of the GOT ice dragon

So it is starting to get warmer here in Colorado, and the AC is starting to kick on. Only Natas doesn’t give a fuck. if I let it just sit idle…it maintains a tolerable temperature in my office; around 75 degrees. If I am 3D modeling and rendering, well then it turns into a hair dryer from hell! It will jump the temperature in here to like 85 in under 10 minutes! So I had to go to Home-Deep-Hole and buy a window fan to exhaust all the hot air. Unfortunately that also sucks out some humidity from the house. (We live in Colorado, so you need a humidifier so you don’t turn into mummy dust)

Eventually what I will have to do this summer is make a custom window duct to pipe the back of Natas and Deep Throat (the other render box) out the window. In the mean time, I will just have to deal with the temp a little and run the window fan. I even had to move Natas directly in front of the window fan to directly suck the heat out. That’s okay though because Natas loves being sucked.

Modeling a Stand-up Arcade Cabinet

Here is some actual game content I created a while back, where I modeled an arcade game that will appear in the “Brain Gravy” bar aboard the Absolute Zero. This is just one of several. It is themed after a game Cathy and myself created called Megaloptura. I don’t want to talk about that game, or how we got ripped off for making it. I also don’t want to explain why I want to buy an ice-ax and find certain people and show them how efficient I’ve become with it. Anyhow, here is the arcade game. This will be an “Out of Order” game in Absolute Zero as a sad tribute. Enjoy!

Modeling an Arcade Cabinet

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