Natas gets open lung surgery

Don’t get old

Hey fans! I know, I know, I missed last weeks blog, and this weeks blog is late. There has just been a ton of things happening. Dave’s dad (90 years old) fell, and Then Dave’s mom (90 too) tried helping him up and fell as well. So we’ve been in and out of hospitals and rehab centers visiting his mom.

Getting lots of game art done

Aside from all that excitement, Natas has been doing wonders for my work flow. I nearly have all the “in game” items created. I’m creating them all upfront so we can get them all in at once and mess with the dialog for them as well as the interactions between items done first.

What’s that sound

Natas broke his lung

See how the fan is hanging? Yeah it isn’t suppose to be like that

One thing I don’t do is turn off the computers. If there is one thing that I have learned from computers in 30 years is that shit always breaks when you turn them on. Kinda like a light bulb. If you just let it burn, it will last longer. Well Natas proved me wrong kinda. So after having about a gallon of wine and going to bed I was awakened by a funny screeching sound. It was coming from Natas, and I knew one of the fans had fucking died or something…sigh. So I powered it off and got up this morning and opened it up to find that the stupid rubber grommets that hold the fan in place broke off and the fan tilted forward and was rubbing on something.

Stupid rubber Grommets. Brown from being inside Dave

Dave has everything you could ever need up his ass

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have these stupid rubber grommets. In a county approaching a million people you think that someone would. Luckily for me, someone did. Dave had been hiding four of them up his ass for god knows how long. So he pooped them out and I performed open lung surgery on Natas. Natas is fine now and even has a new UPS. Thanks Dave! Apparently he found one of those up his ass too. I do hope that Natas doesn’t develop an infection from Dave’s fecal grommets.

Natas without his lungs and breathing tubes

Natas was starving of electricity

I had a 600w UPS, and when Natas would start to breath fire, it would literally over run the UPS making it think it was loosing power because it was tapping the battery dry. So like every 5 min it would scream. Agh! Shut the fuck up UPS! Well now the UPS is 1500w and no more screaming and no more fear of power outages. Thank you Dave’s ass for all you have provided to us.

Oh, and by the way we have setup a Discord Server if you would like to join us! Giggle Horse Games Discord Server

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